Ca. plate renewal

Congratulations on getting one over on the DMV. I bet you are not in the LA area. In LA county the DMV is completely over the top on the check digit crap.


You are very fortunate as some friends of mine from work have been red stickered on their renewal of previously streeted bikes. One guy on a 97 he had a plate for 4 yrs and got bombed by the DVM. Sold the bike to his brother in Colorado.


Just got my street license plate renewal form in the mail from California DMV. And yes my VIN has a dreaded 3 as the eighth digit. My bike was plated by my dealer at purchase. No red or green sticker was ever issued for this 00 WR.



I thought red stickers only applied to '98 or newer bikes. Did your friends '97 have a 3 or C in the 8th spot in the VIN?

Now you've got me worried since my street registration is due in Jan for my '99 WR....



It applies to all bikes after the law was enacted if they are not in CARB compliance, however, the VIN incorporation by the MFGs is just catching up. Some Mfg (eg Honda) reacted immediatly a few years ago and some like Husaberg are just now getting the VIN nos in compliance. As and example the last few bikes in the Husaberg 2000 model run will have the "3 or C" and most likely all 2001 bikes will have it if not CARB compliant.


So I was having a hard time finding fork bleeders for my 2009 KTM 200xc. The closed cartridge forks have a different top cap than other bikes, and my dealer didn't stock them. After doing a little research I found the Air Pro fork bleeder. I was pleasantly surprised to find that they were made right here in my home town of Boise, Idaho. After getting a hold of the good fellas at Air Pro, I had a kit in my hot little hands ready to install. Along with the fork bleeder kit, I picked up a new product they developed to reinforce your front fender, BONUS!! The installation was super easy, and when I say easy, I mean you could have your kids do it. I installed the adapters into the fork bleeder ports and slid the manifold in behind the number. The included hoses lock in slick as a whistle. Easy Peasy. The fender adapter allowed me to run the new style fender and number plate, while making my fender stiff and rigid. No more floppy fender!! Right out the gate I could feel that my fork was more plush through the travel. No harsh ramp up, and the head shake I had been experiencing was virtually eliminated. After riding dirtbikes for many years, I had no idea that something as simple as eliminating air build up in your fork could have such a profound effect on the overall performance of your forks. No button to push, no oil leaking all over your top cap, and no worries about dirt getting into your bleeders and gumming them up. By far one of the best performing and least expensive upgrades I have ever done to my bike. I can ride faster and longer with more confidence without having to think about bleeding the air from my fork. If you're looking for better performance from your spring type fork, I highly recommend giving them a shout. The quality is top notch, and made by guys who ride hard and ride fast.






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