DRZ-400S Weight

I'm stuck between a KTM400EXC and a DRZ-400S,

my head says KTM, my wallet says DRZ... I'm

sure you understand.

Has anyone found a way to shave 30 - 50 lbs

off of the DRZ? If so, what did you do?

DRZ - 291 lbs.

KTM - 246 lbs.

(according to the specs)

Climb off! :)

...or join the gym!! but seriously,there are several unnecessary items on the S which can be removed-just search past topics on this subject,as many owners have discussed this in the past. the first thing i will do with my new machine is pitch the stock exhaust and go with the Big Gun(just my personal peference).the problem is it takes cash to make things light(including your wallet!!).but to reach the cost level of the EX/C you could,in your DRZ,have a Thumper Racing 470 kit with yoshimura cams & Rev Box with a stroked crank-putting you into the 500CC range and still have enough left over for Race Tech suspesion revalving front and rear with progressive springs!!!now,which bike do you want again??

That's an interesting point isn't it?

You pay big money to shave a couple of kilo's/pounds of weight off your bike but if you went to the gym (or whatever), you could shave more weight and feel better at the same time.

That's if you've got weight to lose?!? :)

Thanks for the pointer to the previous thread,

and for your concerns for my health...

Actually I don't carry that much weight to

lose, I just don't want to have a bike which

weighs twice as much as me.

I'm thinking that I'd spend more than the

$1500 difference pretty easily, the KTM may

be the better way to go. Not that the DRZ

is bad.

What really sucks is the California sticker

and licensing mess.

i hear ya there!i lived in Livermore for about 4 months and learned the mess! i'm surprised that Massachusetts hasn't followed suit,as they have with auto emissions(i'd better shut up!)you guys have the best riding areas in the country-awesome scenery,hills,terrain,altitudes,women...wait,that last one will take a whole new topic...i loved the fact that you had a place that you could ride on that was actually run by the state!!what a concept! Mass. has something like 100 state parks and you can ride on,what,2 of them? what a frigging joke! and the ones you can ride on are 100 miles from where i live.so,the game out here is:keep your S's mirrors clean,`cause the "fellas" will be behind you with blue lights flashing & sirens screaming!it's too bad such an awesone riding state(Cali.)has so many tree-huggers living there to ruin it for everyone. ...and your cost of living out there is ridiculous!!! i went broke after just 4 months and had to move back to cold,snowy,good `ol Mass. i guess i just wasn't meant to live the good life!(wait a minute,i've got an `02 S on it's way!)

Problem is your are comparing an Enduro dirt only model to a Dual sport machine, the S is set up with pillion pegs and bracing under seat for pasenger, fan for slow running signal lights etc. To make the Ktm legal for road you got to add weight remember granted you might not need the passenger stuff.

On the S you can remove a lot of stuff to get it down closer to the 400E model, and you could spend a lot of money changing stuff like the exhaust but it would never equal the weight of a KTM Racing Four Stroke though. Close but no cigar depends on your intended use really.

On my 400S i am replacing the stuff that is most vulnerable in an off which i have quite a few LOL.

At the same time it shaves off a few pounds of the top of the bike.

1.Clarke plastic tank.

2.Enduro headlight.

3.UFO Tail light.

4.Folding mirror.

5.Trail tech computer.

5. 400E front exhaust pipe.

Already removed all the other stuff except pillion stuff.

I can sell all these add ons when i change my bike and still have the originals like new.

What i am left with is a great duallie that i really enjoy and i can take my kids for runs too.

Just my 0.2

I bought a 2002 drz400s because i wanted a street legal dirt bike and the '02 has the good susp.I got the bike down to 286lbs with no gas.I could've

bought a ktm but they are pretty high maintance and pricy.I've done many baja kits over the years

and you just can't take a chance in calif anymore

trying to get a red sticker regestered.I've had friends regester their bike at DMV and then have saco. send them a cancellation.

Keep it twisted

I plan on making the switch to a KTM. I bought my bike in April of 2000. At that time there were less choices,less knowledge, and experience. The magazines were giving the DRZ400(e),(s) good reviews. So I choose the DRZ400s. Now the DRZ doesn't even make into the shootouts.(True the mags cator to the kids and supercross.)

Since then I've raced a few harescrambles and enduros. I ride my bike 100% offroad. I've spent enough money on my bike to buy a KTM and my bike still doesn't have the stuff a KTM has.

I'm going to race my DRZ for another year because I can not afford a KTM yet, plus I'm still paying on the DRZ. If I knew then what I know now, I would have bought a KTM.

Ask your same question on the KTM board and see what their opinion is. Each board may be a little bias but you may be able to make up your mind.

Gofaster-those were good results for competing on a Dual-sport machine :)

[ December 31, 2001: Message edited by: dendrz ]

there is no stock street legal machine that can hang with the DRZS off road. period. if you live in CA and want to ride on the road EVER, save the headache and buy the S.

I like my heavy S. I ride desert and I am not limited by the bike at all. My only limits are self imposed - fear of death and dismemberment.

It may be heavy, but it is fast and stable, and in the desert that is good. Being street legal I can take a highway back to camp WHEN I get tired.

Big air is different, but, since I don't do that voluntarily, my bike works for me.

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