Scored cam journal - would you ride it 300 miles?

I just adjusted my valves, '01 wr426, in preparation for the Sheetiron 300 and the center journal of the intake cam is scored . Could be worse, could be better. I don't know how long it's been that way, probably a result of an improperly tightened cam cap or temporary oil starvation.

Has anyone else seen this, said screw it, and ridden a fair amount of time with no trouble? It still runs fine..........need advice.


Denpending on the amount of is possible to keep riding it.

I have been servicing a customers WR426 with scored journals for 2 years and he is still riding it that way. He didnt care to fix it and it is still working fine. If the scoring is bad enough and the coating on the cam is compromised, the cam will seize in the journal.

Thanks for the reply. The cam had some very light scuffing. I'm going to attempt to break the bike the next couple of weeks and if nothing changes I'll attempt the big ride.

Question for you: does the engine need to be pulled in order to remove the head?


No, you can pull the head with the motor in the bike.

There's a company mentioned in this thread that said they could fix it for < $100.

I'm sure alot of bikes have this problem and the owners don't even know, just that they start hard.

Good luck

- Ryan

I had this same problem due to cam cap bolt torque problem The fix remove the cylinder head remove valve shim buckets clean cam remove cam cap locating tube dowels use a wet stone to flatten the cam cap mating surface and do the same to cylinder head mating surface. clean everything retourque cam cap with cam installed should be tight remove cam retouque cam caps ( go easy) i used a brake master cylinder hone by hand to polish the cam bearing surfaces a little at a time clean everything and reinstall the cam you can now check the clearance with Plastigauge for the proper clearance this will take time do not get in a hurry. when you get everything reconditioned clean everything. now re shim the valves this is a fun job on the work bench put everything back together with lube and go ride don't forget the oil change.

My biggest problem is not having time to wrench on this right now (2.5 year old and work getting in the way).

But I'm getting it dealt with. I took the morning off from work, removed the tank, seat, radiators and exhaust, then ran it over to Engines Only who will pull the head for me and send it to EDCO. Engines Only rules - he had some time between jobs and said he'd yank the head and send it off for me tomorrow, and at a pretty reasonable dollar amount. :ride:

I should have it back and reinstalled next week, ready to roost! :crazy:

Thanks again for the replies and the EDCO referral!

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