XR600 in a box

Hello Gang, Newbie here. I'm in the process of rebuilding a XR600...well, my sisters boyfriend is doing it for me and I'll take all the credit.

My job is to find new cosmetic parts. The bike is a 1987 XR600. My question is there was a change in 1988. Are there any parts that will interchange with the 1988? Example, if I bought a 1988 tank and seat together would it fit? Is the frame different?

Most catalogs offer 1988 plastic but I'm having a hard time finding 1987.

Any links?

Thank you for your Help.


I believe only the '86, and '87 had the same parts. Maier was still making the older stuff, the last time I looked. I'm re-doing an '87 from the ground up, and was probably going to the newer side panels, which means a change to the newer seat style. The curve that follows the side panel is different. I haven't checked for sure, but the older seat pan might be able to be re-shaped to match the curve, use the newer seat foam, and cover. The fuel tank shape is different, where it meets the side panels, too. I was planning to use an IMS tank, and those are set up to match the newer panel arrangement.

Anything after 88 should fit, but you would have to change the tank, seat (or modify it) and side panels. The frames look the same, mounting points, etc.

lhark, Thank you for the information. Keep me posted on your progress and an hurtle you may encounter. I'll do the same.

Do you have a parts bike? ie Do you have a extra cam shaft for sale?

I'll check IMS tanks out. Again Thank you.


i still have the stock cam shaft for my 89 xr600


What shape is it in? and what is your price? If you want to check me out my, eBay feedback is TTGHOCKEY.

Thank you for the offer.


perfect shap when i bought the bike i orderd a hot cam so it hasnt been used since ive owned the bike pm me a reasonable offer and i'll see what i can do.

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