Picked up my new 06 WR450F today :)

I finally got her, Almost 2 weeks waiting after making my order she arrived yesterday. I drove 500KM today and picked her up, Just got home, had to come straight here to share my Excitement. I have only been on this forum since I ordered my bike and found a wealth of information, I have all the normal uncorking mods in the mail, and a Dual Sport Street Kit coming as well as other exhaust and carb mods (pro moto tip and boyseen pump cover). I hope to get more info here as i 'TWEAK MY RIDE' as your guys specs. Thanks to everyone so far who has answered my posts......... :crazy:

Congratulations, sounds like you're well on your way to having a lot of fun. What an awesome bike the WR450F is...

Dude, awesome. I was sitting on mine today at the dealer. I bought it on the spot and itshoudl be ready in a couple of days. I'm going to wait on the mods as my last bike was a XR350, so this will be a big leap for me.

The shop is swapping out the tires for some DOT knobbies, I am getting a hydraulic brake switch as well so that will cover off what I need for the road. The dealer is plating it as well, which is great.

Enjoy your ride, I hope to enjoy mine soon. Make sure to add some pics of your bike after you get it DS'd.

Congrats on your new buy i do not have one yet but I am planning on a 2007 in september. Enjoy and good luck.

Congrats !!

You will love that thing !!

Thanks, I already started to mod it (info in other thread). and I drove it tonight, man I hope the free type mods help out as it seems underpowered the way it is now being very restrictive. Gonna go for a proper run tomorrow and start to break her in. Congrats Spick on yours too, I have the DS parts ordered for mine, will post some pics before and after forsure, lots of mods planned, most parts are in the mail. im gonna let her break in close to stock though, then start modding it.

Congrats MM! Don't worry, the mods won't let you down. I was very skeptical as well when I got it home and actually took it out. The stop, gray wire, and open breathing (exhaust/airbox) make an absolute world of difference.

Good times, you'll have a blast with it!

Thanks for the confidence, I also ordered a promoto billet insert, will do some baffle removing then too, and the boyaseen pump cover, and the AIS removal kit, will do the wire and breather mods then too.


170 odd posts ...you obviously know your way around and are on the right track.

Remember the jetting is just as important (and a bit of a pain) as the other mods, but get it sorted, record what works, and life is sweet!!


This looks like a good place to throw in a first post. I ordered my '06 450 today. Should be in from Austin early nexty week. This will be my first dealings with a WR. I had my buddy's YZ426 around my house forever. I love these thumpers. I am soaking up good stuff everyday on here.

Yes i have the jets ordered also to go with the jetting spec on the sticky one, and welcome BlackCypress....

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