650 L Oil Consumption

I have a 2001 xr650L with 10km's on it. Does anyone have any idea as to what the acceptable oil consumption is for this bike?

Thanks -Joe

Depending on how I ride, my '95 650L (with somewhere around 60,000 miles) on it can lose a quart of oil within about 200 miles.

When I reassembled the engine many years ago, I did not hone the cylinder when I installed new rings. So it burns oil, but not too bad.

Just keep an eye on it and add oil when needed.

My 04 L doesn't consume much at all. I don't have to add anything between 1500 mile changes. With only 10,000 mi I wouldn't want to be consuming much oil. I'd say something's up if you are. How much do you consume?

I've seen some posts where guys are using a quart every 200 miles which seems way high to me.

being a big single piston engine, it should burn around a quart every 1k miles.

give or take depending on riding style.

It should burn a little, but not too much. When it starts blowing oil out the crankcase breather, it's time for new rings.

mY '94 L that I bought last year only has about 6000 miles on it and for the last 1000-1500 miles I didn't notice any oil consumption.

Thanks for the replies!

According to the manual, to check the oil level you must let the engine idle for 2-3 minutes, shut the engine off and let it settle, and if the oil level is low then add oil. When i do this check, the oil level is below the dipstick. But when I take a ride around the block, shut it off and wait 5 minutes for it to settle the oil level is at the top. I changed my oil a week ago (about 300 miles) and put 2 quarts in. I'm confused about what is the correct method to check the oil because the manuals way gives conflicting results.

Thanks in advance

Even if you don't ride it and rev it a little, (level) the oil will come up on the stick.

That is on a oil/filter change. Then it will stay at the right level for checking.

Mine did that from the first oil change. I tock my in for the 600 mile servuice and they overfilled it. Luckly I had practice, so I checked and corrected it right away.


I used the Clymer manual and it doesnt say anything about revving when you check the oil level. So I'm finally happy to know this, because it was very confusing that everytime you check you would get different readings, or no readings (the oil level is below the dipstick). It was scary.

Thanks again


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