Graphics/seat covers

Please post examples of some after market graphics with seat covers.. i am looking for a nice looking combo, and i am sure others would like to see whats out there..

that one is cool, looks like a whole other bike.. :)

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Nice!, i like the freestyle one from zing, i like it a lot! in fact, i would say my search stops there.. very sweet..

now, am i correct in guessing that graphics are the same for S and E ?? i can't see why they wouldn't be, but better ask anyways..

I think they are the same ?!?

We don't have the S model in Australia.


I ordered FX graphics ($39.95)and a matching seat cover($39.95) from Tucker Motorcyle Supply. Here's the URL if you are interested . .

Tucker Motorcycle Supply

Originally posted by DRZ_DownUnder:

Hey, thats funny.. i was just looking at some.

This is what i was looking at:

I'll sell you those Ceet graphics for $25. I have them new but decided not to use them. I changed to black plastic instead.

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