Front wheel bearings

2003 WR450

I have a set of front wheel bearnings and seals left over from either the 99 YZ400 or 02 YZ426 ( I believe both used the same bearing kit).

Does anyone know if the 03 versions use the same bearing kit?

99 YZ 400 Bearing Part#93306-90403-00

Seal Part# 93102-26468-00

03 WR 450 Bearing Part#93306-90403-00

Seal part# 93102-26468-00


Thanks. They fit just fine, the old one on the speedo side was trashed. My guess too much sand and water get by the speedo seal.

What link did you use for the part numbers?


You notice who is riding the oldest bike !! Actually they bought them on their own. Dad only had to do the negotiation and take delivery on one. rather amazing really...I didn't get to ride the YZ250 but the YZ450 is a very nice ride :crazy:

I was surprised the No.2 went back to 2-stroke. But he did keep his 426.

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