What should I do to make more power?

I am getting ready to buy a new DRZ400E. I borrowed one last year and it walked all over my current heavy dinosaur XR600. Anyhow, I am already planning on upgrading the exhaust to a Yosh system. I have also heard about some airbox mods that may help a bit but Im not sure what they are. If someone could tell me what to do and is it even worth doing? By the way I am strictly riding on trails in the mountains with not a lot of dust. Any other mods you all could let me in on would be greatly appreciated. Also I read a few posts about a loose nut on the steering or something?



First thing you need to do is read some of the older posts, there is TONS of info there. To sum it up for you, to get lots more power: remove the airbox lid/snorkel, rejet to a 165 main, 48 pilot, turn the fuel screw out 2.5 turns.

Try getting it paid for first! Replace and upgrade stuff as you bend or brake it! Ounce you get a few hundred miles on it you may like it the way it is. :)

Jason, be careful about your exhaust system. Here in California as well as other places the sound issue is very big. In California, the maximum level is 101 db at 3000 or 4000 rpms. After the first of the year, they will be enforcing this in many places with sound checks. You don't want to make the mistake of buying an expensive boat anchor. As EZGZ stated, I would try the stock system for awhile first. If you are going to be doing a lot of woods riding the stock bike totally kicks with free minor mods. Good luck and congrats on your new bike! Paul

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There are a couple or DRZs' for sale on this site already set-up with yosh pipe and other cool stuff. Check them out.

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