need advice dent in wheel

I was washing my bike and noticed a dent in my back rim. its distorted a bit not bad but its not perfectly round anymore either. its mostly where the rim meets the tire. i dont know what i hit. but i was thinking do i need to get it fixed or have it checked. or am i ok the way it is . Probably could use a dead blow hammer and slap it back in place .

what do you think ?



That's not bad just looks like someone got a little carried away changing the tire. Just lay a board over the spot and couple hits with the hammer will do ya

you call that a dent. thats nothing

its a bad photo it sticks way out bent way back . im gonna go for the hammer and board.

you call that a dent. thats nothing

Ditto, thats just a little wowee! Be careful with the hammer method, protect the finish and don't get carried away. I have a much larger one and I just leave it alone and it has given me no problems, my local shop agrees.

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