IMS gas tank?

I changed to a 3.0 gallon IMS tank, but now my DRZS runs bad?? It seems like it cant get fuel, it back fires and spurts??? What did I do???

Did you clean the tank out before installing it. IMS leaves lots of plastic shavings in their tanks and they may have fouled the screen at the top of the fuel petcock or are in the carb. You might also check to ensure the cap on the tank is venting properly.

Also, make sure that there are TWO hoses attached to the petcock. The fat one is the fuel line (and goes to the carb). The second one is a vaccum line which opens the petcock when the motor is running. This second hose is easy to miss, because it attaches to the petcock "behind" the fuel line, and is out-of-sight.

If both hoses are properly attached, then, try running the motor with the petcock set to "Prime". If it runs properly, you know there is a problem with fuel getting through the petcock in the "on" position. If this is the case, trace the vaccum line from the petcock, to the carb, and make sure that it did not slip off the carb on that end. This could have occured when you removed the original tank, and forgot to remove the vaccum line, first.

Another option is that you simply need more fuel in the tank. Does it run okay in the "reserve" position??

One more option is that the gas cap is not venting, and the gas cannot flow due to the neg' pressure in the tank. Loosen the gas cap (remove it), prime the float bowl, start it up. It may take a couple seconds for the float to properly re-fill, but if the bike begins to run properly, you know you have a problem the the gas cap, or vent hose.

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