Tips on installing the 680kit?

My brother just got the 680 kit with 11:1 compression from barnums pro for his 650r and Im helping him installing it. We also have the hotcam stage 2 that will be installed. We already have the bike torn down and have all the parts. I was just wondering if there will be anything differnt when reinstalling everything such has clearance problems and what not. Any help would be really nice. By the way this bike will have the edelbrock pumper, full PC pipe, 680 kit, and hotcam stage should haul right?......LOL :crazy:

No tips personally (I just had Rob do the install; rather safe then sorry), but with that setup your engine should get up and haul the mail, especially in high speed terrain. Mine is a blast, but it's only fun when traveling at higher speed (30 or 40 MPH +).. If I'm doing any slower riding, it's just a handful so I leave it at home and take the CRF.

When it's done enter it in a tractor pull and tell us how well you did :crazy:

LOL Yeah Ill do that. Did anyone have any clearnace problems between the piston and valves? Barnum said to check, just wondering if its a common thing with the stage two cam and 11:1 piston.

It will probably fit, but you should *ALWAYS* do a clay check to make 100% certain there is enough clearance with thermal expansion taken into account, othwewise you risk some serious damage that's likely expensive.

I have a 680cc kit in mine with Barnum's Cam. I have Banum's steel sleeve and would not go with a steel sleeve again. I would go Nikasil and have it done through Luke's Racing. :crazy:

What was bad about the steel sleave? What is the stock one made out of?

The stock is Nikasil and if you go with Nikasil again it can be done three times thicker. The steel sleeve does not expand at the same rate and you have a much greater chance of cold seizer. My bike seized on the dyno while Barnum was running it. You can run a tighter piston to cylinder clearance with Nikasil and the bike seems to have much more power.

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