Tying down to trailers

Does anyone out there have any suggestions for tying down your'e bike on a snowmobile type trailer? I would prefer something that is is not permanant. Has anyone tried the ATK bike shoe? Give me some ideas.

How about buying some threaded eyelets from

your local hardware store and mounting them

by drilling through the splash guard on your

snowmobile trailer,i would recomend puting

a large washer on both sides of the splash

guard so you dont rip the sheet metal.

Hope this helps.

The ATK looks like a winner to me. I would run a strap around the back tire. Just for a little insurance. Wouldn't that suck to get to your favorite ridding spot and find your bike gone! :) I was driving down the interstate one night in Utah and saw this fiberglass skie boat in the middle of the right hand lane in the middle of nowhere. It was a very dark night and I was tired. Boy! Did that wake me up! I almost hit it. Then as I drove by the next rest area I saw this guy standing next to his empty trailer behind this huge new motorhome. I had already past the exit but I would have loved to hear that conversation :D

Well, I can definately tell you what NOT to do, from experiance.

So here I am, myself, my wife, and my son....all of us riding up in Danbury, Wisconsin. I happen across this guy, litteraly weighing in at about 450-500 lbs. He's pushing a 4-wheeler down the trail, and it's realling kicking his butt. So I stop and offer my help. He has a rope and wants me to pull him back to the parking area, 12 miles away. I will have none of that, I say, as I wave my hand over my 01' DRZ400E, with less than 30 hours on it. I will, however, take your keys, get your vehicle, and strap my bike on your trailer and bring your vehicle back here for you. So he coughs up the keys, and away I go. I get there, it's a Nissan 200SX, with a CB and a 40 foot whip antenae. It has ham radio plates, and the drivers seat is shot. He has a 2 place snowmobile trailer, and I pull the pin and drive the bike onto it. I use his tiedowns, and the only thing I have to tie to isthe lip on both sides of the trailer. I take off and head for my family and the fat man. I get about 10 miles down the road, and I am lost. As I'm looking for the road to turn on, I hear this thump at around 60 MPH. I look in the mirror and the bike is gone. I jam on the binders and bring her to a stop on the highway. I look back and the bike is pinned between the car and thr trailer. Turned out the only damage I did was scuff some plastic and wear down some of the knobbies on the front tire. I taught myself many new words that day. May you never have to hear them. Don't use trailers w/out some kind of chalk.

DR.Z, great story!

I think I would splurge for a fork brace, so's to go easy on the fork springs. :)

On the subject of good anchor points for tie downs i used my father inlaws truck this summer a few times it has a set of chrome box rails.

I ran a tie down from each side of handlebars compressing rhe forks and one over rear wheel. On getting to the cabin i found the rails had almost pulled out of the box and they were only held on by self-tapping screws, more for show than go i guess!

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