400E suspension question

I am 170lbs with completely stocks suspension. Is the stock spring rate fine for my weight or should I go stiffer?

I weigh 195 and the stock spring rate is fine for me. Just set the sag on the rear. I had to adjust mine a couple of times.

Most of the dirt bikes are designed around 170lb. riders like you. Very first thing make sure the rear sag is set correctly(90mm for trail and 100mm for MX). Put the clickers in the stock position and go test. Write adjustmemts down, change only one thing at a time, try and ride in the same area when testing for a base line setting. Now go have fun. :)


If you are going to stiffer front springs then first try heavier oil as you will need that anyway with the stiffer springs. The oil at a higher level (4 1/4") will firm up the front end.

Stock is 5 wt. 7 wt or mobile 1 synthetic ATF. It is all compatible so if you just want to raise the level first dump in some ATF and save the money for the fork oil when you are ready to flush out the system.


I weigh 175-180 and the stock springs are cool for me, even according to most shops. I'm sure you fall into this category as well.

For the most part I've been told springs are really there to support your weight and that's pretty much it. Essentially if you can get your race sag (you on bike[90-100mm]) set and have the static sag (bike on own[10-20mm]) within limits your there. And again at your weight I think you are.

Rail on!

I wiegh 185lbs. I tried stiffer springs and took them back off after a 100 mile trail ride. Stay with stock rates and add 25cc of oil to each leg to prevent harsh bottoming. I'm pretty happy with the stock springs.


Thanks to everybody! I for sure will try fork oil first, and of course set my sag.

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