Front Sprocket

The S model comes with 15/44

I run 15/47 and have used 14/47 the stock case saver worked with both,i am not sure if it is the same case saver as the E it but the cover looks the same.

I switched to a 15/47 also on my 01 DRZ400S. I was satisfied with what a 14 tooth front did, but the 14 tooth wasn't mounted in a rubber cushion like the factory 15. So I put the 15 back on and upped the rear to a 47.

Thanks guys, I picked up a 15 tooth and had to modify the case saver which had a #14 stamped on it. Also I had to cut out the rubber swing arm chain guard so the sprocket would clear.

What kind of top end should I get with the 15/47. MR. GPS said I had 83MPH with the 14/47 stock gearing.

Thanks Moredesert

What gearing does the "S" model run. I wanted to put a 15 tooth front sprocket on my "E". But the case saver is real close to the 14 tooth sprocket. What does everyone else run? Do I need a different case saver to use a 15 tooth?

I have the need for speed, Baja trip getting close.

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