Yoshi pipe and jetting.

Put on my new Yoshi pipe on my 01s and was wondering if I need to rejet,and to what jet?I have read through some of the postings and some people say no need to rejet.I have a full system race exhaust. :)

I'm not up to par on my "S" knowledge, but if you think about it...........opening up the pipe and the airbox, the engine gets more air, therefore it needs more fuel. I think you would see a little power gain if you did some jetting changes. I think some are running a 150 main jet on the "S" when they put on a new can. Check the database to be sure.

I'm running a full Yosh system on my S model with the air box mod. I have experminted with different jet combinations and found the 152.5 main and 30 pilot with the air screw 2 turns out runs excellent with a tan colored plug. Im at sea level with this set up. :)

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