More snap from a DRZ 400S

I just purchased a 2002 DRZ 400S model and think its a great bike. Its exceeded all my expectations but I would like a little more snap from the engine at low to mid revs. Any comments would be appreciated.

Congrats on your new bike! If you go through the archives you will find a wealth of information on free mods to your bike. I will run down a couple and I'm sure others will add to the list.

Before you do anything wait until you have broken it in a little as it will change some during that period.

1) remove the snorkel off the top of your air box and enlarge the hole 3X3.

2) raise your carb needle by adding a couple of washers. I think I got lucky because I added two and that seemed to do the trick.

3) check your jetting.

This should be a good start. From there its "how radical do you want to make it!" :) I have had mine since last summer and love it. I use it to ride to work because its more fun than driving a car and for dual-sport rides. :D Good luck, P

I replaced the rear 44 tooth sprocket with a 47 and got alot more snap. It lowered my speed by about 10 miles on the top end. I first tried a 14 tooth front and it worked great, but since I do alot of road travel, I put back on the 15 tooth because it has the rubber cushion to prevent road shock to the tranny.

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Thumper Racing & Baja Designs both offer jet kits for the DRS-S ($12) that will work well with a 3X3 air box mod.

I did this, and have enjoyed the improved ride. The bike is a bit louder (air box rush), but nothing as loud as an aftermarket exhaust.

There are many posts regarding this in the archives, and the thread called "Jetting Data Base" (which I just bounced to the top of the list).

I got my jets from Baja designs also. I think it is pretty much standard to go with the 150 main and 27.5 pilot jets unless your way up in altitude. Also do the end cap mod along with the other mods mentioned and you get quite a bit more zip. I just got back from the bike show at the Jacob Javits center in NY city. I was in heaven with all those bikes. :) I sat on a 2002 DRZS. The blue color was Saaweet! :D And the better forks equals a fantastic dual sport bike. I'm glad Suzuki is not sitting on their laurals, their improving an already great bike. In my mind, there is no competition. And congrats on the new bike. :D After doing the mods, the motor will hit the rev limiter more often, so short shifting is a must.

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Do what they say. I had a S and did most of the mods you've read about and they totally changed the bike. It was 100% better and really cheap. 47 tooth rear and jets are the fist things I would do and the should'nt cost more than 25 bucks. Good luck and have fun. :)

Try the above mentioned jetting/airbox modifications for 6 months, if you're still not happy put on a Kehein FCR39 from Carb Parts Warehouse $489 for ultimate power.

Thanks for all the input guys. This is a great site.

Originally posted by KTM250rm:

I put back on the 15 tooth because it has the rubber cushion to prevent road shock to the tranny.

FWIW I was told by a Suzuki rep that the rubber is only there to quiet the chain and that it does not protect the tranny.


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