How much air filter treatment?

I just cleaned and re-treated my air filter for the first time and although I followed the directions as best I could I was not sure on how much treatment to put on it. I put enough on so that when I squeezed it pretty hard I could get a few drops out. Is that about right? The directions on the can said to saturate the filter and then squeeze all the excess out. I must have put on about a quarter of a spray can before I could get just the few drops out by squeezing it, not what I would call saturated but it sure seems like it should be enough. If I put too much on all it will do is make the bike run bad while putting not enough will make it easier to get dirt into the motor, right? Thanks for any help on what should be a simple question. Oh, also, how often should I be cleaning my filter considering I mainly ride trails and recreational track?



You should clean you filter when it looks dirty. It is not really specified anywhere how much or how long you can drive between cleaning it. If in doubt clean :crazy:

I use liquid filter oil and it colours the filter. So then I know it has been applied everywhere. Squeesing excess off comes with practise. Too much filter oil will block air from the engine and it will go to rich mixture.

Timo Mc

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