Mr Reliability

Hi all, great site, yada yada :)

I'm looking to update my bike in the next couple of months from my venerable XR4 to a DRZ400E. There's no doubt it'll be brilliant for the riding I do, but the thing that drove me to the XR in the first place was its mega-reliabilty (after having a KTM300 EXC, it was a nice change).

In general, how reliable do you find the bike? A lot of you come from an XR background, do you find the DRZ to be just about as reliable?

It's not going to stop me getting one (nothing will), I just want to know what to expect :D



-10 degrees *c outside the other day,

pulled the bike out of the garage, and it started on the second push of the button.

Very reliable bike!

I've only once had a problem starting it, can't remember the reason, but she wouldn't start with the button, so I just put her in 2nd gear and did a bump start. Easy as pie.

Thanks excellent, gotta love that button too. I won't bother with the optional kicker then either.

I seriously hope it doesn't get to -10c here though! They say it's the 'best' climate in Australia (whatever that means) but it's hitting 42c+ now (erm that's um, 42 / 5 * 9 + 32 = 107+ F).


The bikes been great for me the last year. The biggest difference from the XR 400 is the radiator. That is the weekest point as with all water cooled bikes.

I had water leaking from my pump but went away after I put some sealer in. I also crashed and damaged my water hose at the pump. These problems are fixable with skid plates and guards.

You will not be sorry. Ride yellow be mellow

I have about 6500 miles on my DRZ, almost all of them off-road. I take very good care of my bike but I also have no mercy off road. I have had it all over the western US and Mexico for up to 7 day trips and it has performed flawlessly.

Armor the cooling system and you shoud be fine.

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