Pro Taper adapter vs new top clamp

What are the benefits to stepping up and buying a whole new top clamp rather than just the Pro Taper adapter? I am pretty tall(6'3") and am looking to get more height so the additional height from the adpater is OK with me. Any reason I should still spend the money and buy an entire top clamp?

Any Pro Taper bar clamp/adapter combo recommendations for my height?

I went with just the renthal cr hi bends bars, works good for me. but I plan on getting a tripple clamp later on.

lots of guys have done this stuff on here so you should get some good replys.

I have the whole Scotts package (Pro-Tappers, top clamp, stablizer) Quality stuff at a fair price.

If you are going to keep the bike longer than one season think about the whole package. If you don't think you'll keep it long just buy the bars and mounts and stablizer. The thing I like about Pro-tappers and the Scotts stablizer is that you buy them once and take them with you from bike to bike. All you have to do is buy different mounts and bracket if needed. I have one stablizer and swap it between three different bikes, two dirt one supermotard. The same for quality bars,And yes you will notice a difference with a stabilizer.

Have fun.

If you get the adapter, it will raise the bars, but it won't move them forward. The whole triple clamp package will raise the bars and it will move them forward. There is one company (?? thumper racing ??) that makes an adapter that moves the bars forward and higher. I think it's 95 bones or something like that.

If you look at it like this:

New bars: 89.00 (pro-taper)

New top clamp: 99.00 (Applied)

New mounts for top clamp: 53.00 (Applied)


Thumper Racing adapter: 95.00

Reguler adapter: 60.00 (TAG)

I'm going to go with the new top clamp when I have the cash. I'm 6' but have lanky arms so I need some space.

Also when you switch to Pro Taper bars you may need to buy the inside mounts for your Bark Busters. Add $30 (Enduro Engineering or MSR).

For the same price as the protaper bar adapter you can buy standard bar risers, assuming you already have quality aluminum bars. Then you won't need to get the inside guard mounts.

Just buying risers may be your least expensive way to go.

I'm 6'5" and needed more room. In 2000 I bought Tag2 bars(CR HI-bend) ($120), Bar Adapters ($45), and inside barkbuster mounts ($30). This has worked good for me.

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