New Years Resolutions!

okay, for me its gota be 1 or all of the 3 following:

1: ride the drz much more often :)

2: get a girlfriend, been single for like half a year now (hey I'm 18 half a year is a long time to me)

3: finish up school and ride the drz more :D

....well and maybe some of the less important stuff like try to be a better person...etc...etc...blah blah blah :D

I have so many resolutions I need to apply to myself I don't no where to start. Here is my three:

1. Fire my financial advisor for listening to the analyst on Wall Street. (read Enron)

2.Ride twice as much as last year.

3. Try and gat along better with the neighborhood cats. ( yeah right! :) )

At the top of my list is to ride even more. I logged about 6500 miles this year on a ZR-7 and the DRZS. Hotler, I'm your age and I didn't ride for about 15 years, so I feel I have a lot of time to make up. :D Man, I saw some sweet bikes at the show yesterday. One being the FZ1 from Yamaha. Maybe I might have to add a bike to the stable. :D But yeah, Gyro, on my list too, is to try to be a better person. Don't worry about a thing. Just enjoy being 18, cause I'll tell you, before you no it, your 46! :D

HAPPY NEW YEAR to my fellow DRZer's! :)

Good Morning on this fine New Years Eve !!!

Firs thing before I declare my new resolution,

Don't Drink and Drive Tonight !!! Thanks much.

I'll stay on my podium now.

My resolution is.

1.Never to publicly announce my resolutions.

Gotcha! :)

Just the same as everyone.

Ride more. Be a cooler person to everyone.

Try to eat healthier, drink less booze, and all

that other blahx3. Roost on brothers/sisters !!!

How about join a club or some some other organization like BRC to make a concerted effort to help our sport? That's mine. :)

"Before ya know it your 46"

Ya got that right! LOL

heh 18 to 46 must come quick then? lol

Live it up while you can- any age

Happy New Years


1.(Walk the thin line) Riding as much as I can without my girlfriend giving up on me.

2.Pay off the car (or)

3.Get a truck (sell the car)

4.Get my Architect Stamp

5.10,000 motorcycle miles on the road, 5,000 on the dirt

It's here in writing....I guess I have to do those things...

Good Luck to all

New years res:

--start a new biz venture (anything... but not MLM).

--drop 25lbs.(20 from me, 5 from bike).

ditto... no drinky drivey folks :)

yup no drink'n and driv'n people

I'm gona set an example and sleep over at my budy's house instead of coming home tonight!

Happy new years I'm outa here!

!.I think I am going to work on excepting myself for who and what I am.

2.I am going to try and listen more.

3.Get as many quality miles of offroading as possible.

4.Concentrate on Quality instead of Quantity.

Yeah. That should keep me buisy.

Some HOT sex would be good tonight! Gyro, are you going to sleeping betweem your friend and his wife/girl friend? :) Just kidding no disrespect intended.

[ December 31, 2001: Message edited by: Hotler ]

WAIT, that didn't sound right I don't go that way really I don't. You all know I like women don"t you??? :):D

To get my family more involved in trail riding with me (could be construed as a selfish desire by me for more trail time)...and it is :)

Originally posted by Gyro:

lol, I just woke up, yes it's like 3pm. and I have no clue what your talking about

maybe I'll try and figure it out later

Happy new years!

*runs to toilet*

:):D LMAO!! :D:D

[ January 01, 2002: Message edited by: ballistic ]

I'm gunna werk on my spelin and t y p i n g

s p e e d sum mor. I no how you all hate bad spelers and gramering! :) Have a great 2002!

lol, I just woke up, yes it's like 3pm. and I have no clue what your talking about

maybe I'll try and figure it out later

Happy new years!

*runs to toilet*

Mine is the same as last try and ride more!!

1) Work Less

2) Ride More

3) Continue to be a good dad




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