98 xr600r

I've just bought an xr600 98 model and its completely standard what mods should I do first I saw something about uncorking how do I do this and plus what pipe is everyone running?

Any other mods that can be done to make it better?

Any help would be great

The first thing is the airbox intake snorkle. Just pop out the rubber piece. Second is the pipe. I still run the stock pipe, but I replaced the insert (aka baffle). I have the Thumper racing one. Made a huge difference, and a lot less than replacing the entire pipe. Replacing the entire pipe will save a whopping 1 to 1.5 kg of weight. The jetting is lean to start with. After making those changes, it's even leaner. I have a larger pilot and main in mine. I don't remember the exact numbers, but I think I have a 65 (68?) pilot and a 155 or 158 main. If I'm riding near sea level, I move the needle clip one richer.

The choke plate is a weak link. It can break off and get sucked into the engine doing damage. When I checked mine the flapper was almost broken off, and the rest of the plate had a big crack half way through it. I just took mine off. There are aftermarket choke plates available.

Another part to watch for is the cam chain tensioner. Mine needed replacement at about the same time my head needed to be rebuilt. When it goes the cam chain starts making noise from slapping around.

Get thee a Summers Racing (SRC) fork brace, fork guard and case saver. The case saver, in particular, is larger than most and will save you a ton of damage if the chain ever lets loose on you.

The fork brace is awesome...it really helps the front end alot!

Put on a set of oversized bars, too. They'll help you muscle that sucker around.

My XR600R currently has:

SRC fork brace & guard

Works Connection glide plate, frame and rear caliper guard

Applied upper triple clamp

Oversized bars

Acerbis brushguards

FMF slip-on

IMS tank (4.5 g)

Garmin 60CSX GPS


Soon to be made additions:

Acerbis 5.8g tank, Tecnik front fender

Baja Designs Tecate headlight & rewound stator

Summers racing control guards, temp oil dipstick, case saver

Scotts steering damper

Enjoy your new XR!

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