Stock jetting, fuel screw

What is the stock main jet on a 01' E ? I read the jetting profiles and "Ratso" has removed the snorkel and left all the jets stock and he says it runs great. "Ventura" says I should "go up" to a 155 main, and "DRZ downunder " says the stock main is 165 on the E. By the way, where is the fuel screw? Is that the same as the idle screw? The one with the black plastic knob?

The stock main jet on the DRZ is either 142 or 148. I can't remember myself. I assume you live at sea level or around there. If you remove the airbox lid, you will want to think about jetting. You let a little more air in the carb, so you need to let in some more fuel to even out the mixture again. If you leave the stock pipe on, I think a 155 or 160 will do justice. You may want to even go to the 165 main because you live near sea level where the air is more dense. I live a 5000ft. where the air is less dense, so I run a 160 main.

As for 'DRZdownunder', his bike came with a stock 165 because he lives in Austrailia. The bikes over there come stock with a 165.

The black nob is the idle adjuster. The fuel screw is on the bottom of the float bowl on the carb. I don't know how to do it on the "E" because of the starter motor, but on my kicker I can just rotate that carb in the clamps (after I loosen them) and there is the fuel screw right next to the big drain bolt. Your main is right inside that big drain bolt. You only need a 6mm socket to get it out.

Hope this helps.

The fuel screw is next to impossible to get at if you have a starter motor. Alot of people have the kouba T-handle, nifty device that presses onto the fuel screw head so that you can adjust it with your fingers. Be warned, putting one on requires pulling the carb. Do a search on the best way to do this, it's not all that hard. Anyway, I rocommend pulling the carb, that way you can examine everything and see whats up.

At my elevation I ran the stock jet (5500 ft) for several months, which by the way is a 142, with no problems. If you are at sea level put in a 150 or 155 and raise the neelde 1 clip. Better to be rich than lean.

Read your other thread titled "rejetting after removing snorkel" :)

RiDe 101 was right about the main jet size here in Australia.

We have a #165 main jet here because our bikes aren't as restricted as your ones over there.

We have a more free flowing pipe (probably a bit noisier too).

With a #165 main and #45 pilot.. no complaints.

So you mean it is not necessary to remove the carb to change the main jet? I can simply loosen the clamps and tilt it to access the drain bolt?

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