yzf450 05 06 clamps question

have kayaba factory forks and I need to place them on my crf 250.

I would like to ask you the stantard offset of yzf450 05 06 and the distance from fork to fork in upper clamps, the diameter of central hole clamp and the lower clamp :excuseme stem length :crazy:

I can get that information for you, but not until I get home tonight. The '05 and '06 are not interchangeable. Besides the fork tube being set 2mm farther apart, the diameters of the outer tubes are different in the '06.

I took these off an 06 YZF 450 that is assembled.

Diameter of fork in upper clamp- 55.75mm

Diameter of fork in lower clamp- 59.15mm

Distance between upper clamp holes-136mm


Top of lower clamp to end of stem-255mm

I can tell you that the diameters and stem length are the same for 05. We ran 05 forks on our 06 with 06 clamps for Arenacross. Don't know about width or offset on the 05.


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