Wanted Cheap Bars/ Clamp Set-up

DRZ400E - Anyone have a line on a new $100 top clamp or a cheap Protaper w/ clamp deal. Getting tired of surfing. They all seem to be $189 + s/h.

I have a set of used gold CR High Pro Tapers I would sell to you. I just bought them(used) and have never mounted them. Might save you a little money on your set up.

$65 plus shipping. (with a set of grips)

I order most of my parts out a the Chaparral Catalog. There web page is http://www.800-841-2960.com/

Chaparral has the Applied top clamp for $99.99, but the bar mounts are $53.99 and shipping is $10.99 bringing the total to $164.97

You could get the Pro-Taper bars with the universal mount for 147.97 (shipping included) out of Chaparral.

This probably didn't help you out much but, hey, I tried.

[ December 31, 2001: Message edited by: RiDe101 ]

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