$3,900.00 DRZ In Canada

Just to let you know you can buy a DRZ 400 in Nelson, BC for $3,900.00. Great deal.

NO SH*T, how long does it take drive there from Colorado? :)

you have got to be kidding..?

i just paid 6,700 + tax and all comes to 8,200 cdn.. :)

that does include kenda trackmasters, but there cheap..


all the shops around here wanted the same price for the 01 model, if you could find one..

HUDMAN,$3900.00 in BC OUT THE DOOR?PLEASE tell me the name of the dealer and the phone number!! Thanks in Advance,Kenny :):D

Not out the door but you do have to pay a tax that you will get back once you get to the states. It's for a 2001 E. The 02's sell for $4,600.00 They are in Nelson BC. I might be getting a 02 if they don't have any 01's left. They are checking. Anyway Canada is the way to go. Bikes are so cheap up there. The dealers buy them cheaper puls the weak dollar and your set. By the way Nelson is about 3 hours from Spokane, WA. Let me know if anyone is really interested and we can see if we can get a bulk type deal? May save even more money.... Nice :)

Sounds Great! Don't they hit ya when you bring it back into the states? Sounds to good to be true! I also wonder if a local dealer would honor the 6 month warrenty? But hey these things are bullet proof right! :)

Just a reminder. The seriel numbers are different and you may encounter big problems if you try to liscence it for street use in the U S A. I got this info from the guy who imports them as a business so it is probably accurate. Each state is different though and so is their sales tax setup. In Arizona they nail you for state & county sales tax when you go for the title. The city may bill you a year or two later as I just found out on a truck I bought thru a out of state dealer two years ago.........Victor

Living in Detroit...5 miles from Ontario, I seriously considered buying a Canadian model. Michigan is about the easiest state in the USA to make a bike legal..only drawback was that the $500 electronic odo of the S model from Canada is kilometers only. The US model has a little button on the lower right hand corner to switch back and forth, mi/km. If I would have known about Thumpertalk where I would have a good chance to sell the kilometer odo, I would have probably bought the canadian model.

Originally posted by Ed@Ford:

only drawback was that the $500 electronic odo of the S model from Canada is kilometers only. The US model has a little button on the lower right hand corner to switch back and forth, mi/km..

I am willing to bet that if you take it apart there will be some way to switch it, i can't see them doing more then changing the outside plastic and not the whole thing.. i will take mine apart and look :) cause i like doing stuff like that.. but first i will see when i turn on the key if an mp/h even shows on the display..

Sorry about the last non reply, I'm a new guy. I'm in B.C. and also in the market for a DRZE. Dealer cost on the 2001's is $6100 after the rebates they have on them right now. That plus anywhere from $250 to $450 for frieght and PDI depending on dealer you go to. Take that price and add 14% sales tax. I'm not sure what the dollar is at right now, but at a factor of 1.5 it come in at around 4800.00US if you can find a dealer that is willing to give them away.

In '98 there was a lot of guys coming up from the USA to buy the YZF400. I think that was more to do with the fact that they where hard to come buy, not that it was a sreaming deal. I know the dealers around here where getting retail for all of them.

Hope this helps.

Originally posted by hudman:

Just to let you know you can buy a DRZ 400 in Nelson, BC for $3,900.00. Great deal.

Great deal? What an understatement. What's that... about Sixty bucks $US??


The U.S. dollar is at 1.54 right now. On a bike in Canada that they want (are asking) $6,000.00 for you can get it for $3,995.00. And that's without dealing on freight and setup which is easy to do. As for the tax you pay in Canada you get that back when you come back into the states. You fill out a form and send it in and get your money. It only takes a week or so. That's just the plain numbers. Do the math. It's a good deal.

hello, this is my first post on the forum. i have been lurking around for a while, but i thought i would chime in. i just picked up my 01 drz400e for 4350.00 out the door(out of state-no tax) from martin motorsports in paducah kentucky. they had it listed on cycletrader.com for 4350.00 and i called him and said that included everthing for an out of state buyer, no freight, setup, or any charges of any kind. i am probably going to dual-sport it, and if i do i will have to pay sales tax to get my tags and title. there are great deals out there, you just have to look for them. jerry martin, the owner, was great to deal with. he doesn't have any more drz's, but check with him for your other suzuki needs. i highly reccomend him. martin motorsports can be reached at 270-443-0088.


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