06 yz450f stalling in air

I purchased a YZ450F le a few months ago, and it was rejetted and now has 13/51 gearing for hare scrambles. It has been running great up until two days ago. It has always run awesome no matter what i have done. Now when i jump It stalls in the air, no matter the gear or if the clutch is engaged or not. I normally dont have the gas on when i jump and it has never happened on any other yz i've had. But I'm worried because i have a hare scramble this weekend and im wondering if there is dirt in the carb or what the scenario is. Any help would be appreciated.

Not much info to go on here.....has the weather changed much since the last time you've ridden? It's getting warmer and will cause a rich condition if you don't adjust the fuel screw (sounds like what's happening). Is your filter clean?

Try the fuel screw first, if that doesn't yeild the correct results, then we'll dig deeper.

dunno if it helps, but i messed with my fuel screw and upped the idle as well and it kept mine from stalling

the weather has warmed up a bit, but only like 10-15 degrees...I will try the fuel screw though and see if it helps. Thanks a lot.

10-15 degree warmer can DEFINITELY change the mixture. These carbs are quite sensitive to temp changes, luckily the fuel screw is an easy tuning adjustment to make.

Quit riding your rear brake. :crazy:

I agree with the other guy, warming up 10-15 degrees is quite substantial. :crazy:

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