chain length and how to cut a chain?

i am changing my chain and front sproket the chain i bought has 120 links but the chain i have on it now has only 114 links? what size of rear sproket would i have on there for it to make it 114 links in my chain? the sproket is aftermarket not stock. and how do i cut the chain properly and fasten the chain togethor right?

cutting a chain is easy

-grind down the heads of the rivets on the link you want to cut

-flip the chain 90 degrees

-use a big, wide angle chisel to knock off the face plate

installing the master link is easy too

-slide the link in

-use big vise grips and a 8mm nut to press the face plate on

-clip on the clip

buy a DID or EX, o-ring or x-ring chain!!!

avoid umi chains!!!!

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