Difference between YZ & WR Rad shrouds?

I've creased the rad shrouds on my '03 WR450 more times than I would like to count. While checking Acerbis part numbers in the TT store, I found that shrouds for an '03 YZ and shrouds for an '03 WR are $10 different. I know that the '03 WR uses a larger radiator (1 core), but the WR rad shroud part number says they fit '03-'05 and '05 WR's use the smaller radiator for the YZ. What gives? Do I need to spend the extra $10 or not. Any info is greatly appreciated.

Wrightco out.

If you get the YZ shroud the bolts do not line up the same. I had to carve the

reinforced plastic on the YZ shrouds to fit my WR.

I have an 04' WR and the shrouds are different than the YZ's. If you don't like creases and are not running graphics get the white shrouds from UFO, they look pretty good even against the blue tank and creases will not show, they accent the white fork guards and you can get white fenders that will not show creases either :crazy:

yes, unless you get an aftermarket tank or a yz tank, spend the 10 fun tokens and get the proper shrouds. :crazy:

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