looking for used YZ muffler for 98' WR

Hey TT'ers,

Looking for a decent muffler off a YZ to replace my stock WR muffler for a reasonable price (what would be a good price). Mainly looking to save a little weight and get rid of that ugly black thing coming out the back of my bike. Will all years of YZ400/426 fit it?

Thanks, Chris

A guy I've ridden with here in KC has one, he's running Pro Circuit on his 99. I emailed him to see if he'll sell it. If so I'll get you in contact with him. I was going to try it on my '01, but wasn't sure it would fit and ended up scoring one no ebay before I got to try it.

All years are interchangeable. The 2001 YZ pipe allows for oil changes without having to loosen or remove the headpipe to get at the oil filter.


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Hey, I've got a 99 yz silencer. I'll even put a spark arrestor screen in it for you.

You'll have to get rid of anything that says "closed course" though. smile.gif

Mr T

Hey Mr. Toyz,

How much do you want for it? That would be cool on the spark arrester, I ride in Mark Twain national forest sometimes. Let me know.

Thanks, Chris

Make me an offer smile.gif

The spark arrestor would be installed just like mine. I got a spark arrestor from BBR that I put between the end cap and the silencer core. The way you get at the core is by drilling out the rivets for the edn cap. Pretty neat trick actually. You install your screen, sandwich it all back together and re-rivet it. Work great! Keep in mind this is NOT totally legal. The muffler still has the "welded" on plaque that says "closed course only". It also is not stamped forestry approved. I've never had a problem with mine however. Mine is "missing" the closed course label. Every time mine has been checked they simply look down the cap and can see the screen...

Mr T

Mr. Toyz

I'm not too sure what they cost, and please don't get offended if this is too low, but how about $50 plus the cost of the screen and shipping? I thought I've seen them for that in the past. Let me know, I'm sure we can work out a price.


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