Anyone have the Edge 2 taillight?

Nice looking setup. :crazy:

I saw one on and it looked very nice. Call and ask for Forrest.

Hey Y'all,

I have both of their lights on the back on my pig, edge 2 and phantom. I also have the stock light wired in asa running light. I have the phantom as a running light also but I am going to change it to another brake light as soon as I get a brake light modulator. I am running the phantom with both the running light and brake light on all the time. I like lot's of lights for the cages out there to see me. I will post a picture later after I get home. I am sitting in my dispatch center right now taking calls and dispatching the Pa state troopers. Happy riding. Tony

Have a look here for install pics:

Man that's pretty. Is that yours? Looks like there's not much space for the license plate on the exhaust side.

I'm thinking of putting that on and getting the LED conversion for the stock taillight and taking off the BD bulb light. Would be much sleeker, lighter and hopefully brighter. :ride:

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