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:crazy: What do you guys think about 157.5/58 jets for a 2006 XR650L? I ordered 55,58 & 158,160 from CarbParts two weeks ago and still not here :ride: . I got 157.5/58 jets from a friend and want to get these mods started on this rainy weekend. Going to remove snorkel, drill slide, Uni filter, smog already removed and stay with stock exhaust. 0 ft. elevation Just looking for your opinions because I'm new to this :ride: .

may be a touch rich on the pilot jet, but it may be within the range of the screw to correct.

let us know!


Bikes vary, so no one jetting will work for every bike. A few years ago two of my friends bought new KX500s at the same time. One bike was just right jetting wise , and the other ran like crap. There is no substitute for trying several and deciding which works best for you.

It may be a bit on the rich side especially if you are using the stock pipe and keeping the stock baffle. Removing the baffle makes it very loud. There used to be aftermarket baffles that really help the power, but are a lot cheaper than a whole new pipe.

I'd say for 0 ft your main isn't rich enough, I'm at 3800 and run a 160, but it's true every bike is different, just check your plug to get an indication of proper mix. Heck if it's hauling you've got to be in the ballpark.

Well the jets from carbparts finally got here and got bike back together. I drilled the slide 5/32, 55/158 jets, needle shimmed .020, screw out 2 1/2 turns, removed snorkel, and switched to a Uni filter. She started right up, let it warm up and took her for a little spin (holly :crazy: :censored:don't she go :ride: ). Pulled clutch, hit kill switch and coasted in the yard and pulled plug. Now I don't know if I drove it enough cause there wasn't much color but maybe light gray.How long do you have to run it to get an accurate plug reading?

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