2006 YZ450F CT Jetting?

Ok so I got a 2006 YZ450F and I LOVE it, I have about 6 hours on the bike and its all stock except I put a DID O-Ring Chain on it after like 4 hours of the stock shit chain. I was just wondering though for other people in CT with the same bike what are you guys running for jetting? I mean the bike runs good and seems fine but it does pop a little but not bad but I was just curious to see what everyone else is running and if I should change the stock jetting or not?

Thanks a lot!

48 Pilot, 170 Main. Fuel screw 1.5 turns out, fine tune from there.

I am running 48/170 which worked well in the colder temps. Raced last night and it felt rich so I am going to go 45/165 and fine tune with fuel screw from there. If you are stock you are running 42/165 and I think the 45 pilot will take the pop out on decel.

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