06 yz250f performance

I was wondering if anyone has had some luck with getting more mid to to end power without loseing alot of bottom end power by just adding bolt ons.

I have the power now 1 & 2, the air filter cage gutted with a twin air filter, changed the gearing from 13 48 to 13 49, and have Pro Circuit's jetting specs for New York area. Thinking about getting a Dr.D complete exhaust. Let me know

Dont waste the money on the DRD.

IF you want more mid to top, then port the head and/or change the cams.

i just went for a ride with the WB aluminum pro 2, HUGE gain in low end. i couldn't feel it on the gravel roads but in a local gravel pit i could diffenity feel it

whats wrong with the pipe. Who ported your head and what cams did you use

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