Mech help for a friend...

Hi all,

I told a buddy of mine I'd post his bike problem and see what people thought.

He has a '92 Suzuki DR650 street legal bike. It has 25,000 miles on it. He says that it recently has started to idle rough or stall out. Also, after he revs it up and releases the throttle, it takes about 5 seconds for the engine to come down to idle speed. This happens in neutral or on the road.

I checked his throttle cable and it appears to be releasing all the way back with no problems. He had the carb pulled and cleaned but he is still having the same problems.

Any ideas? Thanks, Doug

Check for leaks in the intake. Old rubber can crack and let air through.

- Sean

I have heard that spraying carburator cleaner or some other flamable aerosol around the carburator/rubber boots/engine can help expose air leaks. Engine speeds up when it starts sucking in the flamable aerosol... Don't have first hand experience, and don't remember for sure if it was carb cleaner that worked well, or something else.

Try spraying starting fluid (ether).

Have him check the diaphragm too, if he didn't when he was in the carb. No cracks, rips or tears.

...It does sound like an air leak somewhere.

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