Turning YZ400 street legal

Hey i have a 98 yz400f and am thinking about putting a kit on it to make it street legal, I live in Ontario Canada so some things may or may not be required compared to the US in other states, or other provinces. what are some good kits? What looks good? And what are some good prices? Also I think I would need a stator, off a wr400??? what would be the price for one of them about? $200?? what else do I need?

You are looking at a lot more than $200. I streeted my 426 for $160, but it is a really choppy set-up, just enough to get it to pass. Here in Utah, they aren't too strict though. I just did a whole battery set-up to run lights for 15 min. The taillight is LED so it will run for days no prob, but I don't have any hope for night riding with this. If this is all you are looking for, PM me and I can send you a wiring diagram of my set-up.

Yes, you can swap the stator for the OEM WR400, but it will only fit if you replace your flywheel with a WR flywheel as well. That alone will run you over $200.

My best guestimate for your cost would be between $400 - 700 USD depending on how fancy you want to get. Check out Baja Designs, Procycle, and fourstrokesonly.com -- They each sell kits or individual parts if you would like to build your own.

Just a hint, type in "Dual Sport YZ" in the search option through this forum. There is a lot of good information in here about all this. This has been discussed many many times. Good Luck and welcome to TT!

Click on the 'My Garage' underneath my avatar and see what it ended up costing me.

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