buying 426, 2001 or 2002?

I was telling myself "get the newest one you can afford" but I found an 01 that is a garage queen, the guy has all the maintenance records and really took care of the bike.

I know they are basically the same bike with only minor changes made to the '02, but are those changes enough that I should wait until the "right" '02 comes along?

I still have my old bike so I shouldn't be in a rush but I really want a 426.

From what I have read, there were very few changes between the '01 models and the '02 models. I have an '01 and I absolutely love it. Mine was no garage queen but it was maintained and it still kicks A**. I would say go for it if the price is right, I dont think it would be worth it to spend the extra time and possibly more money just to get one that performs almost the same. Hope you make the decision that is right for you. Ride safe and be responsible. Good Luck :crazy:

I think I will, told the guy I would make a decision by tomorrow morning. I noticed you have an FMF Q2. How do you like it, is it shorter and/or lighter than the original Q?

I have been doing searches on the BK mod but can't find much info other than people do it. Any info would be great.

go visit motoman393 website for your bk mod, good pics and info. and if you are looking for exhaust for your bike i have a complete big gun system for sale.

Go for it. I have a 2001 426 and love it. It still kicks ass. I've done reg maintenance on it since new and never had a problem with it. Yes it's a bit heavier than the newer bikes but it only bothers me when I have to lift it on the stand. The guys I ride with the 450's still love the 426.

i purchased a 2000 426 a couple of months ago, and i am really impressed with it, if this bike is in nice shape, and its a good deal, dont miss the boat go for it!

Go with the 02' 426, :ride: I bought one for my son a couple of months ago, and he loves it. :crazy: I ride it occassionally myself - awesome bike, very close to my 450 X :ride:

I decided to wait for an '02. The '01 wasn't in as good of shape as the owner made it out to be, it actually had a small leak from around the oil drain bolt on the frame. Probably something simple like a washer that needs to be replaced but my feeling is if he can't take care of that to sell it, what else has he not taken care of...

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