can you and bottom end on a 2001 YZ 250F without spending $$$


Did you have a question?

The question was in the title of the thread.

The question was in the title of the thread.
Then what was English?


I think what he is trying to say is can "you" (Grayracer) and a 2001 YZ250F bottom end get together and have some fun without costing DRTBKRACER heaps of $$$$.

I can see how you misunderstood the question. :crazy:



Your right, I am confused!

no you can not lol if you pull the motor yourself its at least 300 in labor to spit the cases and rebuild the whole motor, putting top end and head back together as well . the crank is 270 from hot rod cranks the bearings are 60 i think. the piston kit is around 100. and if your rod let loose youll want to change all the bearings and much more.. if the rod took out your cases your looking at 470 for the cases and 1800 in parts total... your prolly lookin at valves also and def springs.. ust my opinion

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