triple clamps? What are they good for?

Looking to pick up a set of triple clamps for my 05 yzf450.

SO far it looks to be RG3 and Applied that offers full triple clamps. *top and bottom* Any thoughts on which is better or other brands.

What do these triple clamps do that stock clamps dont do..

When you buy top and bottom, you sometimes get a choice of a different offset, which can make the bike turn or handle better than stock. The main benefit from most aftermarket clamps is either (a) rubber mounted bars (less vibration) or (:crazy: oversized bar mounts and sometimes © bling-bling.

Aftermarket top clamps add, in addition to the rubber mount option, the ability to use 1 1/8" bars on the '05 and earlier models, and often offer multiple fore/aft bar positions and bar mount heights.

In upper and lower sets built to the stock offset, the lower clamp is basically just bling. They may be stronger, if you think that's necessary, but the stock YZF clamp is usually lighter.

Any opions on pro tapers top clamp..

Thanks for everyones imput. Its good to know that the bottom clamp is more bling than performance. That saves a couple hunny

The yamaha clamps are excellent this year. Unless I had to have rubber mounts or wanted a different offset, I would not change.

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