Just bought a 06 YZ450F - Questions....


I have just ordered a new 06 YZ450F, cant wait for it to get here!!!!!

Is there anything on these i should know about? Problems etc. Have a 04 so i know the basics on them.

Cheers :crazy:

Yeah, the bike is too powerful for it's own good, makes friends and riding buddies jealous, and puts a grin on your face every time you see it. It also forces you to spend lots and lots of money on it for bling-bling and essential stuff. Oh, and the front tire refuses to stay stuck to the dirt, always wants to be in the air.

The stock jetting may be too lean. The stock chain is crap. Other than that, it is AWESOME.

The radiators are vulnerable on '06, I recommend braces. Also, I don't like how the oil reservoir is unprotected, I recommend a skid/glide plate covering the front of the motor.

change to front tire (mine to a 756) unless you ride hard pack areas. Drop the forks to the first line on the shock tube. Grease the bearing they use very little grease the front triple clamps had like none. The bike is super you will love it.

Thanks for all comments guys! I will take them all on Board, then hang on by the sound it!!!!!!

Change the front tire to suit your terrain, raise the forks into the clamps at the first line, rejet using a 48 pilot and 168 main, grease the rear linkage and replace the stock chain for a quality O ring type. Ride about a n hour or two and set your rear sag.

Go ride at speed and adjust the clickers as needed. Once done and set up, you'd swear this was a works bike...........it's that good! :crazy:

I have had some pretty hard falls on my 06 but I was surprised that the radiators did not even budge. If it was a CR I would have had to buy radiators. It might have to do with my hurt yourself and try to keep the bike pretty theory.LOL :crazy:

BARCH88 Those are great links, thanks again

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