WR 400 Gearing

The stock sprockest are 14/49 on a 99 WR400. Has anyone tried to put a 15 on the front? It seems a little tight up there, I am not sure aboue clearance, so I thought the best way to gear it up a little was to drop some teeth in the rear. I just am not sure how many to go. The rear I currently have is a 50 tool with a 14 in the front. I want a little more top speed so I was thinking of going to the smallest rear they make, which is a 46, but I don't know if that would be over kill. Anybody have any experience messing with sprockets to re-gear their bike?

i recently went on a ride where we did a fair bit of road riding so i tried a 15 tooth front and was actually surprised at the difference. i didnt think i'd notice just 1 more tooth.

im running a 15/46 setup and can actually run on the local freeways here in southern california. its only at about 7500 rpm at 80 mph. a little higher than i would like but no overheating problems. I can cruise at 70-75 all day long though. Im 230 lbs. and still have no problem getting the front wheel off the ground.

I have a 15 front and a 44 and I like it quite a bit. It will get to about 90mph pretty quick but 90-100 takes a while. I drive it to work every day 40 miles 1 way on the hwy @ 70mph. I still don't think it is not geared low enough for the trails unless you really like just putting around real slow. It is still geared lower than my friends with MX bikes but the transmission gears are longer so it will reach a higher top speed. I still might want to get a even smaller rear sprocket so the RPMs are lower on the hwy.

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