Shock compatibility

I was wondering if anyone could tell me if a 1994 xr600L rear shock will fit on a '91 xr600r. My rear shock is leaking oil and I want to get it sent out for a rebuild, or rebuild it myself, but I dont know the first thing about rebuilding a shock, and I have no way to recharge it, but I wouldnt know where to send it or how much it will cost. So I am trying to find a temporary replacement on ebay.

Most local cycle shops can do the rebuild. If it's just getting the seals replaced, it's not usually very much. It's the revalving that costs $140. Just new seals is less maybe $60 or so.

I'm pretty sure that 91 thru 2000 shocks are compatible. They don't all look the same though. I did the ebay thing for my 93. I have a 97 shock in it and it is working great. I got it for about $30. The main reason was to avoid down time. When I get around to it, I'll send my original one in for revalving.

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