Time beetween valve adjustments on 650r?

How long between valve adjustments on 650r? Using the bike for half street riding and half dirt, not that there might be any difference. Is there a noticable vibration difference when there out? After a 2 hour pretty flat out road ride my bike seems to be running rough.

I check mine(intakes) after every other oil change and whenever I have the tank off. My bike has quite a few miles on it and I am keeping more of an eye on certain "wear" items. Once you get the hang of it, it's simple.

My bike ran great even when the valves were tight once(after break-in). However, it does run the best when they are spot on.

Every 600 miles.

Every oil change at 600 miles. The exhausts don't move much. The intakes seem to tighten up about .001 every other check or even back to back checks.

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