Tuff sounding exhaust!?

I was at the ORV park the other day and I heard a YFZ450 Quad with the coolest sounding exhaust. This Quad sounded incredibly mean. I never got over to where he was to see what exhaust he was running. I know this is kind of a stupid question but I was just wondering if anyone might have an idea as to what it was?? I want that sound for my WR450!!!

You might want to ask the soc's or the greasers.


I have an FMF Titanium Powercore that I absolutely love. It has a great sound to it, and a good power increase as well. Im told they are also coming out with a quiet insert for those times when noise is unacceptable. The best part though, it was super cheap, only 269.99 for the slip on. Great investment.

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