changing oil every 15 gallons?

I am still looking for a bike, the 01 I just looked at wasn't nearly as clean and well kept as the pictures and the seller represented.

I am going to look at an '02 today that the seller says is very clean, he is the second owner and the bike hasn't been ridden very much in the last two years.

When asked about oil changes he said he did them about every 15 gallons of gas. I don't know what the average hour/gallon ratio us to know if that is a good answer or not, any suggestions?

That should equal about 10 hours of riding time so it sounds OK to me. :crazy:

Figure 35 mph average, and 20 mpg. 15 gallons is 300 miles at that rate, which would take 8 1/2 hours to cover. Sounds OK. If you think about it, taking this approach means that the harder he rides, the sooner he'll change the oil.

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