Steering Stabilizers.

Just wondering if a steering stabilizer will save my butt from always crashing so often entering corners too fast. My big problem seems to be my aggressive use of the front brake. I ride alot on hard packed clay which is very bumpy and quite slippery when bone dry. It seem to get a layer of dust on it and becomes quite nasty. A number of times now I've been coming in and WHAM, right on my shoulders and head, thrown down. My only explanation must be too hard on front brake, and front wheel skips out. Will a stabilizer help?


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I would rather not ride a bike without a damper, but it sounds like you may benefit more from:

A new front tire (?)

Raising fork tubes up in the clamps (?)

Checking your sag (?)

If I were washing out like you are I would try to get more traction to the front, by weighting the front more, changing the geometry a bit or going with a different tire. Or all three.

Then again, I can't turn very well either.

Steering dampner won't keep the front end from sliding out on a corner.

It will remove the high speed wobble, where the front wheel slams violently from left to right, kind of like a bad wheel on a shopping cart.

This seems to happen worse on high speed downhills when you are on the breads shocked.gif

Hick has the right idea. One other thing to check is your fork rebound setting. Too much rebound will make the front end quite skittery. If your forks are stock, try about 14 clicks out.


MX Tuner

Thanks for the advice, I've been thinking of getting the suspension set up by someone who knows how. I wasn't sure why I was having this problem, but from your replies sounds like setup may play a factor. The bike is stock, with about 350-400 miles on it only, and the tire looks reasonable. I imagine getting the suspension setup properly will be cheaper than a stabilizer. I'll start with that, once again thanks.

Dave B, if you still have the stock front tyre you also may be in trouble, from memory most guys here think its a dog. Cant say myself as I bought mine second hand. Try doing a search on Dunlop, Pirelli, Michelin Tyres to get the lowdown.


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MXtuner, Are your forks stock on your bike? Do you have any tips on fork/shock set-up for desert riding/racing. A pro once told me that rebound is the key to proper handling in the dez. I have all stock suspension and im real happy with it. How many clicks would you recommend with stock stuff.

Thanks, Dan

Try running the comp. clickers full soft for trail riding, and go harder in from there if it is bottoming. Set the rebound about 4 clicks soft from the middle. This will allow more flow and nicer ride over nasty things like roots and rocks. For higher speed stuff stiffen up the comp. until it stops bottoming. But always try and run the clickers as far soft as you can! If you are over 185 w/no gear, get the units set up for your usage, and you will be a lot happier! Just mark your stock settings and try it the way I've said and see if it doesen't work better for you. You should find that it will stop wayyyyy better as just a little xtra bonus to not beating you up. Note: I stand up all the time I'm doing anything but going down the paved road. If you sit a lot this might not work for you as well as for me! Good luck!!!


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hey i had the same problem and then it dawned on me. byas the weight. i raised my front forks 8mm above the clamp and set the rear sag(race sag)i had to go 1 full turn up on the spring nut and what a difference.(i started yelling i can turn really i can).changed to 2.5wt oil BETTER!! then i went full soft on fork comp.(turned all the way out)16 or 17 clicks out on rebound.on the rear i went 19clicks out on comp. and 17 out on rebound. after i was done i thought to my self this is some wacked settings! this thing is WAYYYYYY more user friendly..


Great advice on the suspension set up guys, really appreciate it. It's been cold and raining for days here, but I hope to get out this week sometime. I will start with softening the suspension as suggested, and play with it from there. We'll see how it goes.

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