Pro Moto Billet Insert questions

for the 2006 WR450F what exactly comes with this insert? all the pics I seen only show it installed and i don't see anything. all it says that it's stainless, can someone post a pic of what i will get (one ordered)

It looks like the factory baffle/stinger (the large one, not the small welded one) just with a way bigger diameter pipe

so it replaces a baffle also? please anyone have pics????

When you remove the alu end-cap of the pipe you will see 4 Allen screws holding in the baffle and spark arrestor. The PMB insert replaces this "flange with a pipe through" baffle. 4 longer Allen screws are also provided by PMB. Sorry no pic though.

This is from WR Daves posting of stock muffler mods.

The PMB looks like this. I actually think this one is larger than a PMB.

Before you but one try without the stocker installed, remove it and reinstall the arrestor and end cap.

ok, so it's the like tailpipe baffle that it replaces, will this not fit through the stock rear muffler cover now though? it looks bigger then the stock hole is?

It fits the end cap. It's tight, in fact the instructions say to work it around from side to side to enlarge the hole but you really don't have to that much. Nice product. You can feel a power boost and a hear a slight rumble too.

Summit is correct, instructions say to enlarge the endcap but it fit perfectly without enlargement.

I just put the PMB insert on my 2006 WR450.

Its a 5 minute job, it fit perfectly, and as stated above it did not require any mods to the stock end cap.

Basically you are just replacing that last section of pipe with a somewhat larger diameter pipe.

Thanks guys, I received it today. did you guys re-jet after installing it? mine is still at stock jetting and i have not done any mods yet, was waiting to break her in first then do them all at once......and i sure hope i get way more power of this thing is going up for sale, I drove a XR650R and it has way, way more power and torque then mine, I loved it. made mine feel like a 125 in comparison.

Why put the insert in why not just leave the baffle out & put the endcap back. Is it the noise?

Yes, Jetting will be necessary.

The 650 will always have more torque. In the HP department, the 450 will equal or better it. My last bike was a 02 KTM 640 LC4. Way more torque. After the WR mods its a way better off road bike.

Just do the mods now. There is no reason to wait. The break-in should be done at high loads and rpm anyway.

Just do it and have fun !!

The PMB is a alternative to the stock exhaust pipe. Slightly more noise but not much.

Without it its a bit louder and may not meet the regs in the US for forest riding.

I just installed the PMB on my 05 WR450. easy job, slightly louder than stock not much, and if you just take the stock piece out and put the end cap on it works but is louder and gets black soot around the pipe where the end cap bolts on as its not a sealed piece there. simple. i did the mods and its a beast. i did buy the storm air mixture screw and havent found where it goes yet lol. anyone help me on that one? :ride:


Well, i am waiting for all my mod stuff and jets to get here, then in one swift bang will do all the good mods, tailpipe, free type mods, ais removal, airbox and gry wire mods, boyseen pump cover and storm fuel screw...... hope she's good then.

Do the mods ASAP, it becomes a totally different bike.....

......and i sure hope i get way more power of this thing is going up for sale

Trust me, after the mods, you will be suprised :ride:

The Mod-Squad...... :ride:

I sure hope so, i just got back from a nice ride today with two Xr650's and a DDX200 and they can both whip my but from start on up till i hit about 106km/h and mine feels revved out.... I thought a competition 450 would keep up with an xr650 at least till that speed, Ive started my mods tonight as i got all my parts/jets now. Will find out soon enought i guess.

well i removed one baffle and put in the PRo moto insert, done the free mods, love it, but i get a rattly/hollow sound in my exhaust now sometimes this normal with the baffle/arrestor removed?

Probably with the arestor removed. I had My arestor out for awhile but put it back in. It took the sharpness off the Brrrrraappppp exhaust noise. I didn't ride it much like that to get a good comparison though.

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