What octan fuel are you guys running

I was reading my owners manual and it states to use min 95 octane fuel, holy, I would have to buy full out race or Avation gas to get anything that high, the best the gas stations here have is 91 supreme, will this suffice? or will i cause troubles, i can't hear any engine knocking (detonation) with the 91 stuff but will it cause troubles in time? Octane boost bottles are a waste of money, as they only bring it up in points like a bottle made to increase 4 points brings 91 up to 91.4 (useless)

Read this post. It explains why you shouldn't have a care in the world regarding 91 pump gas...SC

Ah, I read something similar to that link b4 regarding european octane rating system. I feel confident now that my 91 should be ok for me with a stock machine (with the free type mods of course).......... Thanks for posting that.

95 unleaded.

:crazy: 98 :ride:



If you go to high compression piston you have to go to 100

Timo Mc

Using C12 fuel, runs really clean with a little extra snap. Expensive though, $80 CDN for 5 gallon bucket. Have a wr250f also that is 01' ( no button). Starts first kick with C12, has starting issues with pump gas. Go figure...

I've used VP Street Blaze 103 fuel.


I can tell the difference. Allot more snap. This is an oxyginated fuel. I experimented with these and a propleyene oxide additives when I raced. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Propylene_oxide

Had the same fuel meter as tech and mixed my own fuel, rarely failed fuel check.

Everyone knows that to make more hp you nee more O2. These release O2 in the combustion process will make more power ( and more heat )

I use 91 octane pump gas here in the US. Works fine.

I don't think the 95 from the manual is based on the US standard of octane measurement anyway. Unless the motor is heavily modified any octane booster is most likely just wasted. Just don't run anything lower than premium. That could be bad. :ride:

yeah, this was discussed before, something about research octane 95 is same as pump octane at 91. so premium is fine on a stock compression engine. any higher octane is just a waste of money and will actually make less power.

91 is the highest i can find in California from the pump.. its really killing me too across 3 vehicles at $3.60 a gallon.


Higher octane than necessary to prevent detonation is a waste of money unless you can get extra O2 from it.

The pump octane of 91 shouldn't be a problem.

In PA we're able to get as high as 93 at the pump and some stations near race tracks (cars not bikes) will provide Turbo Blue unleaded at 95 or 99 at the pump on a seasonal basis.

Thats not too bad in New Zealand premiun gas is $1.79 a litre or the same as $6.77 for a US gallon or over $8 for a UK gallon.

That oxygen fuel sounds pretty cool :ride: I wounder if that would effect your jetting at all? I think im gonna try to find some :banana:

It does work well but its around $11.00/ gal.

If you go looking be sure to check the mfg's site because not all race fuel is oxygenated.

Here is one mfg, look under the unleaded section and you can see if it is or not.


I only buy this in sealed 5 gal containers. Some shops pump it from 50 gal. drums but I tend to stay for that. Who knows how old it is or if they mixed a partial drum. Age of fuel exposed to air will reduce its effectiveness.

Thanks odonnks

I just shot vp a mail.

what kind of fuel do you get, they have a hundred to choose from. I was thinking the mrx01?

I currently run Street Blaze 103.

While they had other VP fuels in stock my shop didn't have any other oxyginated fuel at the time.

I use Citgo 110 octane leaded. My bike pings on anything less with the 13.5:1 piston. :ride:

1/2 100 oct. 1/2 91 oct.

1/2 100 oct. 1/2 91 oct.

As Fast stated, mixing is probably the best idea.

Now that its warm I ride 4-5 times / wk and using 100% race fuel is too $$

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