04 WR450 Blown engine

a friend of mine bought a use 2004 wr450 about a year ago, after a few days he was trying the kick starter when it back fired at the bottom of the stroke and blew the kick starter shaft out of the casing :crazy: after that he bought a new engine, 2 weeks ago his new engine started rattling,he's done about 3000 miles on the new engine serviced it regularly, so he was pissed to hear it rattling away, thinking it was the valves that needed servicing he rode it to his local dealer but didn't make it, the engine blew before he got there. the conrod snapped right at the top near the little end smashed the barrel piston and bent all the valves in the head :ride: after the engine was striped down we noticed that the cir-clip's holding the gudgeon pin in were E clips and not wire type, is that right? and has anyone else had a problem similar to this? i have an 05 WR450 which i bought from new and i've not had any problems, am i lucky or is my mate extremely unlucky?

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