Rekluse long term report

Well its been almost two years since I installed my Rekluse auto clutch into my 01 WR426. I have to say that for me its probably the best mod I have done to the bike. Followed closely by the auto comp. cam and Edelbrock carb.

My original install was onto the stock clutch friction and drive plates as they were still in spec. with almost 4000 miles on them. The install gap had to be adjusted only once in two years, pretty good stuff considering the type of riding we do around here. Really tight woods.

I have put over 2000 miles on the Rekluse since 04 and the bummer is I actually wore it out! Yes apparently its a mechanical mechanism that can be worn out.

I noticed that it was having trouble disengaging and stalling the motor during my last ride. When I got home I tore into it and found one of the ball bearings stuck in the fully engaged position. After removing the top plate I saw the culprit, The top plate was grooved and worn from the ball bearing travel.

Four of the balls had wear marks at the end of the travel that were deep enough to get stuck in.

Turns out that the ball ramps in the pressure plate wore out causing the top plate wear.

I ordered new parts and its back together today ready to roll. Rekluses customer service is the best and got me the parts I needed on time.

Bottom line is: This is a great product and I'll install one into my next bike for sure.

No Regrets,


BTW: I use Rotella Synthetic oil and the Stock clutch plates are still in spec.

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